Seminars, Conferences & Exhibitions

List of Participants as of 23.09.13.

Companies with empty position cell have not determined person to participate yet

1AA Camelot Chemie Producer / Trading Company/Raw Materials Supplier/TransportationRussiaGeneral Manager
2AA Camelot Chemie Producer / Trading Company/Raw Materials Supplier/TransportationRussiaHead of Sales Department
3AA Camelot Chemie Producer / Trading Company/Raw Materials Supplier/TransportationRussiaManager of Sales Department
4AA Camelot Chemie Producer / Trading Company/Raw Materials Supplier/TransportationRussiaManager of Sales Department
5AfayaRaw Materials SupplierRussiaMoscow Branch Director
6AGS GROUPRaw Materials SupplierRussiaDirector of Business Development
7AGS GROUPRaw Materials SupplierRussiaTechnical Manager
8AGS GROUPRaw Materials SupplierRussiaRepresentative of the Factoty Mikrons
9AkrilanProducer/Raw Materials SupplierRussiaRegional Sales Director
10AkvarelTrading Company RussiaCommercial Director
11Akzo Nobel DekorProducer / Trading CompanyRussiaPurchasing Manager
12Akzo Nobel DekorProducer / Trading CompanyRussiaR&D Manager
13Akzo Nobel DekorProducer / Trading CompanyRussiaGeneral Director
14Akzo Nobel LakokraskaProducer RussiaGeneral Director
15Akzo Nobel LakokraskaProducer RussiaHead of Procurement and Production Planning
16AlkidProducer RussiaGeneral Director
17Arizona ChemicalProducer RussiaBusiness Director
18Arizona ChemicalProducer RussiaAccount Manager
19Arkema Coating ResinsProducer FranceCommercial Director
20Arkema Coating ResinsProducer FranceTechnical Expert
21Askona-PivdenProducer UkraineChief Technologist
22Association Centrlak Association/Solution of Trade ProblemsRussiaDirector
23Attika ChemicalsRaw Materials SupplierRussiaMarketing Manager
25AuroraProducerUkraineCommercial Director
26Bang & BonsomerRaw Materials SupplierUkraineSales Manager
27Bang & Bonsomer Raw Materials SupplierRussiaSenior Sales Manager
28Bang & Bonsomer Raw Materials SupplierRussiaDeputy General manager
29BASFRaw Materials SupplierRussiaSenior Sales Manager
30BASF SEAdditives for Coating IndustryGermanyTechnical Marketing Formulation Additives
31BayerRaw Materials SupplierRussiaCountry Representative CAS CIS
32Bayer Raw Materials SupplierUkraineRegional Sales Manager
33Becheta ("Sazi")Producer/Trading Company RussiaHead of Procurement Department
34Becheta ("Sazi")Producer/Trading Company RussiaTechnical Specialist
35BelColorProducer RussiaDirector of Development
36BelColorProducer RussiaManaging Director
37Bina ChemialTrading Company /Raw Materials SupplierRussiaDirector of Development
38Bina GroupTrading Company /Raw Materials SupplierRussiaCommercial Director
39Bina GroupRaw Materials SupplierRussiaGeneral Director
40Bina GroupTrading Company/ Raw Materials SupplierRaw Materials SupplierRussiaCommercial Director of Rostov-on-Don Branch
41CalcidTrading CompanyRussiaDirector
42Caparol UkraineSales and Production of CoatingsUkraineDirector
43Caparol UkraineSales and Production of CoatingsUkraineCommercial Director
44Cellulose EthersRaw Materials SupplierRussiatba
45ChemAlt Trade HouseTrading CompanyRussiaTechnical Director
46Chemline Raw Materials SupplierUkraineDirector
47Chemline Raw Materials SupplierUkraineDirector of Development
48ChemtonRaw Meterials SupplierRussiaGeneral Director
49ChemtonRaw Meterials SupplierRussiaAssistant
50Company OlivaProducer RussiaGeneral Director
51Company OlivaProducer RussiaCommercial Director
52COTRaw Materials SupplierRussiaDeputy General Director
53COTRaw Materials SupplierRussiaGeneral Director
54CPS ColorProducer RussiaGeneral Director
55CPS ColorProducer RussiaTechnical Account Manager
56Crimea TITANProducer of Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide Pigments, Mineral Fertilizers, Iron VitriolUkraineHead of R&D Department
57Crimea Titan PJSCProducer UkraineKey Specialist of Marketing Department
58Crimea Titan PJSCProducer UkraineKey Specialist of Marketing Department
59DeltaHimProducer /Raw Materials Supplier /Trading CompanyRussiaCommercial Director
60DeltaHimProducer /Raw Materials Supplier /Trading CompanyRussiaHead of the Laboratory of Coatings and Polymeric Materials
61Dow ChemicalsProducer PolandMarketing Manager
62Dow Europe GmbHRaw Materials SupplierUkraineKey Account Manager
63Dow Europe GmbHRaw Materials SupplierRussiaGeneral Manager Dow Russia & CIS
64Dow Europe GmbHRaw Materials SupplierRussiaDow Coating Materials Sales Manager
65Dromont S.p.A.Producer Italy 
66DuPont Science&TechnologiesProducer /Raw Materials SupplierRussiaBusiness Manager
67DuPont Science&TechnologiesProducer /Raw Materials SupplierRussiaSales Manager of Coatings
68DuPont Science&TechnologiesProducer /Raw Materials SupplierRussiaKey Account Manager, Russia and CIS
69DuPont Science&TechnologiesProducer /Raw Materials SupplierRussiaTechnical Marketing Representative
70DuPont Titanium Technologies, EMEAProducer /Raw Materials SupplierSwitzerlandDirector of DTT Business in EMEA Region
71DuPont Titanium Technologies, EMEAProducer /Raw Materials SupplierSwitzerlandRegional Marketing Manager
72East-KolorProduction and Sale of CoatingsUzbekistanFounder
73Eigenmann&Veronelli - RussoRaw Materials SupplierRussiaHead of Special Chemicals Sales Department
74Eigenmann&Veronelli - RussoHyperdispersants , Surface Modifiers , Resins & PolymersRussiaChief of the Coatings Department
75Eldako THProducer / Trading CompanyRussiaDirector
76Eldako THProducer / Trading CompanyRussiaDeputy General Coordinator
77Elementis Services GmbHProducer GermanySales Manager Eastern Europe, Russia&Finland
78Enterprise VGTProducer RussiaDirector
79EntevekaTrading Company/Raw Meterials SupplierRussiaGeneral Director
80Evonik Industries Producer / Raw Materials SupplierRussiaHead of Sales Department
81Evonik Industries Producer / Raw Materials SupplierRussiaMarket Development Manager Eastern Europe
82Evonik Industries Producer / Raw Materials SupplierRussiaHead of Road Markings
83Evonik Industries Producer / Raw Materials SupplierRussiaHead of Hardeners
84EXPOCENTROrganization and Holding of ExhibitionsRussiaProject Manager
85Forbo STROYTECHProducer /Trading CompanyRussia 
86FREM Corporation, Russia Raw Materials Supplier UkrainePresident
87FREM UKR Raw Materials Supplier UkrainePresident
88Garant-HoldingTrading CompanyRussiaDirector
89Garant-Holding Trading CompanyRussiaCommercial Director
90GfKMarketing ResearchRussiaSenior Consultant, Head of DIY
91Global Ventures Trading Company /Raw Materials SupplierRussiaManager of Commercial Department
92GRACE CIS, Russian Representative Office of GRACE GmbH&Co.KGProducerRussiaGeneral Director
93HiminvestGrouppWarehousing and Storage of PaintRussiaGeneral Director
94HimsvetTrading Company /Raw Materials SupplierRussiaHead of Sales Department
95HimsvetTrading Company /Raw Materials SupplierRussiaHead of Marketing Department
96HimsvetTrading Company /Raw Materials SupplierRussiaGeneral Director
97HimsvetTrading Company /Raw Materials SupplierRussiaCommercial Director
98Homa GroupProducer RussiaHead of Sales Department, Polymer dispersions
99Homa GroupProducer RussiaGeneral Director
100Homa GroupProducer RussiaHead of Logistics
101Homa GroupProducer RussiaHead of Marketing Department
102Homa GroupProducer RussiaHead of Research Centre "Dispersions" - Styrene Acrylic Dispersions (SAD)
103Homa GroupProducer RussiaSales Manager
104Hovemax InvestProducer Russia
105IKPProduction of Plastic Containers from Polymer MaterialsRussiaGeneral Director
106IKPProduction of Plastic Containers from Polymer MaterialsRussiaCommercial Director
107ILIM GroupProducer/Raw Materials SupplierRussiaSales Director
108ILIM GroupProducer/Raw Materials SupplierRussiaWood Chemicals Sales Manager
109IMCD RussiaRaw Materials SupplierRussiaDirector
110IMCD RussiaRaw Materials SupplierRussiaSales Manager
111InterdispRaw Materials SupplierRussiaMarketing and Business Development Manager
112Interdisp - LKB LLCTrading CompanyUkraineDeputy Director
113Interdisp RusRaw Materials Supplier RussiaSales Manager (Paint Coatings)
114InterhimRaw Materials SupplierRussiaCommercial Director
115InterhimRaw Materials SupplierRussiaSenior Sales Manager of Glycols and Raw Materials For PV
116InterhimRaw Materials SupplierRussiaSenior sales manager of lycols and raw materials for PV
117InterhimRaw Materials SupplierRussiaCommercial Director
118InvestlespromProducer RussiaDirector of Strategic Business Unit "Forest Chemicals"
119Jokey Plastic Rus THProducer/Trading CompanyRussiaGeneral Director
120Jokey Plastik MogilevRaw Materials SupplierBelarusCommercial Director "Jokey Plastik "
121Jokey Plastik MogilevRaw Materials SupplierBelarusDeputy Commercial Director "Jokey Plastik "
122Kazan Government Gunpowder Plant Producer RussiaDeputy Commercial Director
123KhimavtoplastProducerRussiaCommercial Director
124KhimavtoplastProducerRussiaDeputy Commercial Director
125KhimikProducer RussiaEngineer Technologist
126KhimtexProducer RussiaGeneral Director
127KhimtexProducer RussiaCommercial Director
128KoelgamramorProducer RussiaCommercial Director
129KoelgamramorProducer RussiaDeputy Commercial Director
130Kolormarket Trading CompanyRussiaDirector
131Kryukov Wagon PlantConsumerUkrainePurchasing Director
132Kryukov Wagon PlantConsumerUkraineHead of Technology Department
133Lacos CoatingsProducer of CoatingsRussiaDeputy General Director
134Lacos CoatingsProducer RussiaDeputy General Director
135Lakokraska, Lida Producer / Raw Materials Supplier BelarusDeputy Chief Engineer Head of Project Implementation
136Lakokraska, Lida Producer / Raw Materials Supplier BelarusR&D Centre Chief
137Lakokraspokrytie SPA Producer RussiaGeneral Director
138LAKRA Trading Company RussiaGeneral Manager
139LAKRA SINTEZProducerRussiaDeputy Commercial Director
140LarchfieldRaw Materials SupplierRussiaSenior Sales Manager
141LarchfieldRaw Materials SupplierRussiaDirector Coating Materials
142LarchfieldRaw Materials SupplierRussiaKey Account Manager
143Lida LK Trade HouseTrading CompanyRussiaDeputy General Director
144Lonza RusProducer / Raw Materials SupplierRussiaManager, Material Protection, Russia and CIS
145LubrizolRaw Materials SupplierUKTechnical Product Manager EMEA Paints, Coatings & Adhesives
146Lubrizol ItaliaRaw Materials SupplierItalyDistributors Sales Manager
147Mayak-TechnocellProducerRussiaDeputy General Director
149Meffert ProductionProducerRussiaGeneral Director
150MegaChemPlastProduction of Materials for Road Marking, Supply of Raw Materials for Chemical IndustryRussiaGeneral Manager
151MelstromProducer RussiaDirector
152MelstromProducer RussiaHead of Marketing Department
153MetafraxProducer RussiaCommercial Director
154Mir UpakovkiRaw Materials SupplierRussiaGeneral Director
155Mir UpakovkiRaw Materials SupplierRussiaDirector of the Representative Office in Moscow
156Mir UpakovkiRaw Materials SupplierRussiaDevelopment Manager
157Mirta Managing Company Producer RussiaHead of Scientific Laboratory
158Mirta MC ProducerRussiaDevelopment Director
159Mirta MC ProducerRussiaHead of Procurement Department
160MomentiveProducer /Raw Materials SupplierRussiaAccount Manager
161Netzsch Feinmaltechnik Producer RussiaGeneral Manager
162Netzsch Tula Producer RussiaGeneral Director
163NortexRaw Materials SupplierRussiaHead of Department. Chemical Raw Materials
164NortexRaw Materials SupplierRussiaHead of Department. Coatings and Adhesives
165NVP Dnepr -Contact Producer UkraineDirector
166Omya UralProducer /Raw Materials Supplier RussiaSales Manager. Building Materials
167Omya UralProducer /Raw Materials Supplier RussiaSales Manager. Building Materials
168Omya UralProducer /Raw Materials Supplier RussiaSales Manager. Building Materials
169Omya UralProducer /Raw Materials Supplier RussiaDirector of Sales. Polymer Industry
170Optimist Group of CompaniesProducer/Raw Material Supplier/Trading CompanyRussiaGeneral Director
171Optimist-PermProducer RussiaDirector
172OrgchimpromProducer RussiaFounder
173OrgchimpromProducer RussiaHead of Marketing Department
174OrgsyntezManufacture of PaintsRussiaGeneral Director
175OrgsyntezManufacture of PaintsRussiaCommercial Director
176OrgsyntezManufacture of PaintsRussiaHead of Sales Department
177PerryVidex Equipment for the Chemical IndustryUSARepresentative PerryVidex in Ukraine
178PerryVidex Equipment for the Chemical IndustryUSADirector, Eurasian Projects
179PigmentProducer RussiaHead of Sales Department
180PigmentProducer RussiaHead of Marketing Department
181Polychimcomplect-MTrading CompanyRussiaGeneral Director
182Polychimcomplect-MTrading CompanyRussiaSales Manager
183Precheza a.s.ProducerCzech RepublicCommercial Director
184Precheza a.s.ProducerCzech RepublicTechnical Department Manager
185ProChem Trading Company / Raw Materials SupplierRussiaProject Manager Grinding Media
186ProChem Trading Company / Raw Materials SupplierRussiaGeneral Director
187PROFARB Grupa Chemiczna Sp. z o.o. UkraineRegional Director
188PROFARB Grupa Chemiczna Sp. z o.o. UkraineSales Manager
189Progres-2010Producer UkraineSpecialists on Market Expansion
190Progres-2010Producer UkraineDirector of Development
191PROMINDSA Producer /Raw Materials Supplier SpainPresident
192PROMINDSA Producer /Raw Materials Supplier SpainR&D Manager
193Prosperity Vendor Chemicals CompanyRaw Materials Supplier RussiaHead of Sales Department
194Public autonomous educational institution Training center "Professional"Educational Services RussiaHead of Department "Research Works and Professional Competence Assessment"
195PUE MAVProducer BelarusFirst Deputy Director
196PUE MAVProducer BelarusChief of Supply and External Economic Relations Department
197RadianRaw Materials SupplierRussiaGeneral Director
198Raduga SintezeProducer RussiaManager
199Raduga SintezeProducer RussiaDeputy Commercial Director
200Raduga SintezeProducer RussiaDeputy Commercial Director
201R-ChimlesRaw Materials SupplierRussiaCommercial Director
202Rhom and Haas Raw Materials SupplierRussiaKey Account Manager
203RIF- Mikromramor Producer RussiaExecutive Director
204RIF- Mikromramor Producer RussiaDirector of Sales Department
205RIF- Mikromramor Producer RussiaManager of Sales Department
206RIF-MikromramorProducer RussiaChief of Sales Department
207RosChemResourseProducer / Trading CompanyRussiaHead of Sales Department
208Ruskhimset Raw Materials Supplier/Trading CompanyRussiaHead of Department
209Ruskhimset Raw Materials Supplier/Trading CompanyRussiaCommercial Director
210RustorgoilRaw Materials Supplier RussiaEngineer
211RustorgoilRaw Materials Supplier RussiaCommercial Director
212Saiver Shelangersky Chemical PlantProducer RussiaCommercial Director
213Shepherd Color International Austria GmbHProducer/Raw Materials SupplierAustriaRegional Sales Manager
214Sibelco RusRaw Materials SupplierRussiaMarketing & Sales Manager
215SiblesRaw Materials SupplierRussiaGeneral Director
216SIBURProducer /Raw Materials SupplierRussiaSenior Expert
217SIBURProducer /Raw Materials SupplierRussiaActivity Manager
218SIBURProducer /Raw Materials SupplierRussiaExpert
219Sigmund Lindner GmbH (SiLi)Producer GermanyRegional Manager for CIS
220Sigmund Lindner GmbH (SiLi)Producer Germany 
221SiriusProducer RussiaHead of Procurement Department
222SolventTrading CompanyUkraineDirector
223SouzpromplastRaw Materials SupplierRussiaDeputy Project Manager
224SouzpromplastRaw Materials SupplierRussiaDevelopment Director of Regional Sales
225SpectekhosnastkaProducer UkraineHead of Marketing Department
226STallexProducer RussiaDirector for Development
227Stok DevelopmentProducer RussiaCommercial Director
228Stroykomplekt-Emal ProducerRussiaGeneral Director
229Synthos S.A.Producer PolandKey Account Manager
230Synthos S.A.Producer PolandTechnical Advisor
231Technostar Color ManagementProducer RussiaCo-Founder
232Technostar Color ManagementProducer RussiaDirector
233Teknos Trading CompanyRussiaSales Director
234Teknos OyTrading CompanyFinlandExport Director
235TelkoRaw Materials SupplierRussiaIndustrial Chemistry Sales Manager
236TelkoRaw Materials SupplierRussiaIndustrial Chemistry Sales Manager
237TENTONNTrading Company RussiaGeneral Director
238THOR GmbHProducer GermanyHead of Representative Office
239Ticona Engineering PolymersProducer / Raw Materials Supplier/Trading CompanyRussiaManager of Business Development
240TikkurilaProducer RussiaSupply Chain Director, Russia
241TikkurilaProducer RussiaMarketing and Communications Director
242TikkurilaProducer RussiaCommunications Director
243TitanRaw Materials Supplier RussiaDirector
244Troy CorporationProducer / Raw Materials SupplierRussiaSenior Regional Sales Manager
245Troy CorporationProducer GermanySales Manager CEE, Russia, CIS
246Troy CorporationProducer GermanyTechnical Marketing Manager Biocides Europe
247Ufimskiy Paint and Varnish Plant Producer RussiaHead of Logistics Department
248UkrkhimresursProducer UkraineSales Director
249UkrrechflotTransportationUkraineSenior Specialist of Purchasing and Supply
250UltraColor Producer / Trading CompanyRussiaDirector
251UniChimTradeProducer / Trading Company /Raw Materials Supplier/ TransportationRussiaGeneral Director
252United Trading SystemTrading Company/Raw Materials SupplierRussiaDeputy Head of Chemical Business Development
253United Trading SystemTrading Company/Raw Materials SupplierRussiaHead of Raw Materials for Coatings Department
254United Trading SystemTrading Company / Raw Materials SupplierRussiaDeputy General Director
255UralkhimpromProducer /Raw Materials SupplierRussiaManaging
256UTC-KievTrading Company /Raw Materials SupplierUkraineHead of Raw Materials for Coatings
257VLKZProducer RussiaGeneral Director
258Wacker Chemie Producer RussiaSales Manager
259Wacker Chemie Producer RussiaManaging Director
260Wacker Chemie RUSProducer RussiaTechnical Manager
261Wacker Chemie RUSProducer RussiaManager
262Yaroslavl Factory of Metal ContainersProducer RussiaHead of Commercial Department
263Yaroslavl State Technical UniversityEducational ActivitiesRussiaProvost
264Yaroslavskie KraskiProducer /Trading CompanyRussiaGeneral Director
265Yaroslavskie KraskiProducer /Trading CompanyRussiaHead Scientific and Technological Centre
266Yaroslavskie KraskiProducer /Trading CompanyRussiaChief of Marketing Department
267Zagorsk Paint Plant MCProducerRussiaDirector of Sales Depertment of Construction and Finishing Materials
268Zagorsk Paint Plant MCProducerRussiaSales Director
269Zagorsk Paint Plant MCProducerRussiaHead of Procurement Department
270Zavod Kraski KvilProducer RussiaCommercial Director
271Zavod Tarnykh Izdeliy in Moscow regionTrading Company RussiaBranch Manager
272Zavod Tarnykh Izdeliy in Moscow regionTrading Company RussiaGeneral Director
273Zhukovsky Machine-Building PlantProducerRussiaFirst Assistant of the General Director
274Zhukovsky Machine-Building PlantProducerRussiaHead of Commercial Department
275Zhukovsky Machine-Building PlantProducerRussiaDeputy General Director
276ZTI MetalpakTrading Company RussiaCommercial director

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