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6th CIS Coatings Market Conference

2-3 October 2008, Resort More Hotel, Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine


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У6th CIS Coatings MarketФ: facts, events, summaries

Key highlights 2008

  • CIS coatings industry consolidation - who will remain on the market?
  • Coatings distributor and producer - the new forms of the cooperation needed
  • United sales networks - the way to sales geography expansion
  • Abundance of trademarks - the way to increase sales or to a change in their structure?
  • Increase in the cost of delivery: the decrease in sales or the opening of regional productions?
  • Producer and supplier of raw materials - spreading financial risks
  • Formulas optimization Ц earnings or necessety?
  • Semi-finished coats Ц stable prices or high a quality?
  • Alkyde paints Ц what is the possible increase of prices?
  • Petrochemical raw materials: the highest price level in close
Participants: 400 delegates representing 200 companies from 15 countries.

Programme: 4 sessions, 17 presentations, 2 workshops, negotiations and technological seminar

Trends 2008, discussed at the conference:

  • Coatings businesses profitability decreasing
  • High production costs issues, if there are available ways to decrease production costs
  • Development of new formulation issues, how it works now and why this doesn't satisfies the plant management
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