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International Conference "Russian PVC Market 2016", May 16th 2016, Moscow, Russia, Azimut Moscow Olympic Hotel


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Informational & Publishing Center "Modern Building Constructions" (SSK-Inform) will attend the Conference. Company will be represented by Chief Editor Nikolay Gavrilov-Kremichev. Mr. Gavrilov-Kremichev will deliver a speech "Windows profiles market: current situation and tendencies of development".

Processing Company "Pinsk Artificial Leather Plant" (Pinsk) will attend the Conference. Delegates to be announced.
PVC Producer "Bashkir Soda Company" (Sterlitamak) will attend the Conference. Company will be represented by Director of Operations Oleg Knjazev and Foreman Nail Sufijanov.

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Situation on the PVC processing market is developing not too much favorably. For several years consumption of the polymers continues to reduce. An unfavorable economic climate has become an additional factor that influences the consuming industry this year. Under such conditions the topside issue for the PVC processers is to find out - how to survive?

Changes on the consumer markets are the major factor that determines the PVC market development. The stoppage of PVC production at the one of the leading factories – Sayanskhimplast has become an important occasion in the beginning of 2016. This situation has already caused the products deficit and affected the galloping prices increase. Sayanskhimplast resumption of activity is scheduled on the second half of 2016 that will cause the market reorganization into “consumer market” format.

International Conference "Russian PVC Market 2016" is going to become the networking platform where the key industry players will share their best practices how to work efficiently in hard time and express their opinions regarding the market changes.


Session 1. Main Trends on the PVC Market
  • Tough economic situation in the country and its impact on PVC market development
  • Demand difference in the main consuming sectors
  • PVC price changes in the second half of 2016 after Sayanskhimplast resumption of activity
  • Analysis of prospective market outlets for Russian PVC in the context of shrinking domestic market
  • Forecast of PVC market development in 2017-2018

    Roundtable Discussion of PVC Producers and Processers: “Appropriate Ways of Cooperation in Conditions of Market Stagnation”

    Session 2. PVC Window Profiles and Sidings Market
  • Current state and main trends on the PVC window systems market in Russia
  • Specific nature of domestic raw materials pricing
  • Special aspects of PVC raw materials selection for the production of high quality extruded goods
  • Industry development trends while reducing construction of infrastructure facilities

    Roundtable Discussion of PVC Window Profile Producers: “The Market Share Maintaining in the Increasingly Competitive Climate”

    Session 3. Market of Flexible PVC and Cable
  • Flexible PVC market change in conditions of difficult economic situation in the country
  • Rapid PVC price increase and its influence on flexible PVC production
  • Cable industry development trends in Russia and CIS countries
      Roundtable Discussion of Flexible PVC Producers and Processors: “Appropriate Ways of Cooperation in Conditions of Difficult Economic Situation in Russia”

      Session 4. Additives Market for PVC Processing
    • Aspects of pricing of domestic and imported additives for PVC processing
    • Using of Innovative materials and technologies in high quality PVC production

      5 reasons you should attend the Conference:

    • Meetings with the representatives of the leading companies of PVC industry
    • Focus on market issues
    • Up-to-date analytical information from key market players and Chem-Courier experts
    • Trend analysis and forecasting of development of commodity markets
    • Opportunity to discuss market issues within informal atmosphere.

    • local and foreign PVC producers
    • trading companies
    • PVC profiles and sidings producers
    • flexible PVC and cables producers
    • additives suppliers
    • equipment suppliers
    • financial organisations
    • the other ones.

      For more details about participation, sponsorship and advertising opportunities, please contact:

      Olga Bredova
      Project Manager
      +7 499 346 20 40, ext. 212
      Kseniia Shyriaieva
      Project Manager
      +7 499 346 20 40, ext. 218

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