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II annual conference CIS Coal 2006, March 2-3, 2006, Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine

Alushta, Crimea, March 2-3, 2006


Metal Courier Information Agency and Business Forum Ltd. are delighted to announce their 2nd annual conference devoted to thermal and coking coal market development as well as quality, production and transport issues.


DAY ONE: Thursday, 2 March 2006

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SESSION ONE: Coking coal market.
World trade tendencies, global market situation, price forecasts
Production and consumption balance in the domestic market, outlook for production increase, price tendencies
Investments and production capacity enhancement
Invited speakers: Yuzhkuzbassugol, Vorkutaugol, Yuzhny Kuzbass, Kuzbassrazrezugol, Yakutugol, Sibuglemet, Belon, Russian Coal (Russky Ugol), Donetsk Coking Coal Company, Krasnodonugol, Pavlogradugol, Zasyadko Mine, Krasnolimansky Mine and others.
Open discussion

SESSION TWO: Coke market.
Outlook for global and domestic coke markets
Current market situation and price tendencies
Outlook for coke exports from Russia and Ukraine
Invited speakers: MMK, NLMK, Severstal, Altai-Koks, Evrazholding, Coke (Kemerovo), Ural Steel, Moscow Coke Gas Works, Gubahinsky Coke Plant, Avdeevka Coke Plant, Krivorozhstal, Alchevsk Coke Plant, Markohim, Yasinovo Coke Plant, Baglei Coke Plant, Enakievo Coke Plant, Dneprokoks and others.
Open discussion

SESSION THREE: Ways to cut pig iron and coke production costs.
Blast furnace production in CIS: ways to pare coke consumption
Pulverized coal: advantages and disadvantages
Quality concerns in coke production
Transport role in coke and coking coal production cost; optimization of transportation
Invited speakers: Illych Steel Mill, Donetsk Steel Mill, Sevtechnotrans, Zaporozhstal, Makeevka Steel Works, NLMK, Altaikoks, Mittal Steel, Corus, Voest-Alpine and others.
Open discussion

DAY TWO: Friday, 3 March 2006

SESSION FOUR: CIS thermal coal market.
Fuel and energy complex development in Russia and Ukraine; outlook for coal production and consumption
Coal and energy companies: Russian coal producing holdings integrating into power industry
Market prices: main factors, tendencies and forecasts
Invited speakers: RAO UES of Russia, Industry and Energy ministry of Russia, Industry and Energy Ministry of Ukraine, Ministry of Coal Industry of Ukraine, Kuzbassenergo, Sverdlovenergo, Chelyabinskenergo, TGK 14, Centrenergo, Siberian Coal Energy Company, Kuzbassrazrezugol, Russian Coal, Krasnoyarskkrayugol, Chelyabinsk Coal Company, Intinsk Coal Company and others.
Open discussion

SESSION FIVE: Thermal coal export markets; transport infrastructure conditions and development
Competitive ability of Russian coal in the world markets
Marketing development outlook
Coal producers investments in transport infrastructure
Current state and outlook for specialized port capacities enhancement
Invited speakers: Siberian Coal Energy Company, Kuzbassrazrezugol, Russian Coal, Belon, Siberian Business Union, KRU Trade, Mirtrade, IglEnergy, Glencore, Cargill, Vostochny Port, Port Vanino, Murmansk Commercial Seaport, Vysotsk Port, Ust Luga Commercial Seaport, Rosterminalugol, The Commercial Port of Ventspilsk, Freeport of Riga, Yuzhny Merchant Sea Port, Reni Merchant Sea Port and others.
Open discussion

Largest coal producers and processors as well as coke and coal consumers in ferrous and power industry, coal traders, ports and transportation companies from Russia, Ukraine, CIS, Eastern and Western Europe.

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Additional information on the event
Arrival and accommodation of delegates 1 March 2006
Work sessions 2-3 March 2006
Departure 4 March 2006

For more information regarding the conference please contact
Business Forum Ltd. +38 0562 313919,

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If you are interested in purchasing course documentation, it will be forwarded to you. This will give you access to the conference presentations and the list of delegates including their full contact information.
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