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V International Annual Conference CIS Coal 2009, March 11-13, 2009, Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine


CIS Coal 2009: facts, events, and results

Business program: 5 plenary sessions, 27 reports, two open round table discussions, individual negotiations at conference offices:companies MetinvestHolding, Donetsksteel, DFEC, Coal of Ukraine

Main themes of conference:
  • Steam coal and anthracite market
  • Coking coal and coke market
  • Coal Railway transportation
  • Coal Sea transportation
  • Technologies, equipment, quality

Key questions of a round table discussion Steam coal manufacture and consumption balance in 2009:
  • Prospects of increase in demand for power coal in the CIS
  • Change of consumption structure in the steam coal market
Most debatable theses and forecasts:
  • Considerable slump in steam coal production is not expected
  • Decrease in power coal consumption
Key question of a round table discussion Coking coal manufacture and consumption balance in 2009
  • Price forming in the coking coal market in CIS in 2009
Most debatable theses and forecasts:
  • Rapprochement of market prices and the extraction cost price is observed, it is possible to expect decrease of quotations falling rates on coking coal
Basic trends of the beginning of 2009 season:
  • Decrease in steam coal consumption and reduction of coal output volumes
  • Steam coal export from CIS reduction
  • Coking coal prices reduction while formation of considerable warehouse stocks
  • Pig-iron and coke production decrease


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