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III International Conference Mediterranean Coal Markets, 16-17th of September 2013, Istanbul, Turkey, Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel


MED Coal Markets 2013: facts, events and summary

Formal program:

5 plenary sessions, 26 presentations, round-table discussion, individual negotiations in conference offices.

Main topics of the conference:

  • Coal in the Mediterranean countries – trade dynamics in the region
  • Key suppliers to the MED countries: Colombia, SAR, USA and Russia
  • Coal-fired power generation in the MED
  • Coal and pet coke consumption by cement Industry
  • Role of Turkey in coal markets in the Mediterranean basin
  • Supply and consumption volumes of lignite and sized coal in the MED countries

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    Official Partners

    Special Projects

    Akenerji, Arkan Cement, Aurum A.S., Bulk Trading Suamerica, CAPEX Industries, CEMBUREAU/Cimeurope, Deloitte Danismanlik, DTEK Trading, European Commission, Euracoal, Fuelmed, Gama Enerji, Godefroid Europe, İÇDAŞ Elektrik Üretim ve Yatırım, Interkarbon, International Energy Agency (IEA), İskenderun Enerji, Lafarge, Marvel International, Mercuria Energy Trading, Perret Associates, Super Enerji, TCMA, TELF, Trafigura, Trenaco.

    Topics of round-table discussion:

  • Will coal supplies from the USA grow against the background of shale gas low prices on the domestic market or they will be redirected to Asian market? How Chinese coal imports would affect Mediterranean Coal Market?
  • Will Colombia become biggest coal supplier into the MED region, taking into account almost double increase of outputs by 2015?
  • Suppliers from SAR - existing plans to retain their share in the MED coal markets considering coal exports to India.
  • Coal consumption volumes in MED power sector: plans of generating capacities expansion for 2014-2015, overview of gas vs. coal vs. renewables competitiveness
  • Prospects of increase of coal and pet coke demand by cement industry due to growth of cement consumption in the Middle East
  • Scenario for coal trade developments in the Mediterranean region in 2014 short-term forecast taking into the consideration possible closure of Suez Canal.

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