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Mediterranean Steam Coal Markets 2012,17-18 September, Ceylan Intercontinental, Istanbul, Turkey


Mediterranean Steam Coal Markets: facts, events, results

Conference agenda:
5 plenary sessions, 26 presentations and open round-table discussion.

Conference main topics:

    Regional market capacity and consumption forecasts

    Steam coal freight-flows and changes in the structure of supplies into the MED region

    Cement Industry in the MED and MENA countries Fuel Purchasing and Demand Balance

    Turkey and the CIS

    Coal logistics and sea-borne trade

Speakers and commentators:
Banchero Costa, CAPEX Industries, Cimeurope \ CEMBUREAU, Coal Network USA, DTEK Trading, EPDK - Energy Market Regulatory Authority of Turkey, Fuelmed, Hattat Group, Gama Energy, International Energy Agency (IEA), Iskenderun Enerji, Jupiter Trading, Karden Shipping Agency, MARVEL INTERNATIONAL, Metal-Expert Consulting, Office Nationale De L'electricite du Maroc, Port of Ploce, Public Power Corporation of Greece PPC, Sumo Coal, Turkish Chamber of Shipping, TCMA Turkish Cement Manufacturers Association, Toros Terminals, TTK - Turkiye Taskomuru Kurumu, TURKAK - Turkish Accreditation Agency.

Round-table discussion topics:

    The expectation of US Coal share in Mediterranean basin and How to overcome high sulphur issue of US Coal?

    How can Colombian Coal compete with rising US Coal in Mediterranean Market?

    How South African Coal should position itself to sustain its market share in Mediterranean

    What should Russian Producers should do in terms of logistics to preserve its current market in Mediterranean. Decrease of economic reasonability of Russian coal supplies into the MED as a result of market prices fall, decrease of spot trade volumes and high level of supplies. Possibilities for Russian exporters to keep their market share in 2012-2013.

    Can there be established a coal price index to cover Mediterranean Market in general like API 2?

    Market of steam coal sea shipping: attractiveness of large-tonnage vessels at the background of freight rates decrease.

    Expectations on coal import to MENA region.

    Perspectives to increase import coal supplies into Turkey from the side of supply & demand main suppliers and consumers in the region. What are the threats and opportunities for Turkish imported coal-fired power projects

    Perspectives to increase anthracite supplies from Ukraine for the MED consumers - taking into consideration launch of new coal projects current state and future.

    Forecasts for coal import into the South Europe in the near-term period.

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