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3rd CIS & Eastern Europe Steel in the World Markets, 14-15 April 2008, Kiev, Ukraine


"IS & Eastern Europe Steel in the World Markets 2008": Conference documentation

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"IS & Eastern Europe Steel in the World Markets 2008": Events, facts, conclusions

Key topics for discussion:

  • Strategies of the CIS metallurgical holdings
  • Steel export from Russia and Ukraine
  • Outlook for regional markets: Middle East
  • Outlook for regional markets: Eastern Europe

Attendees: over 180 attendees representing 135 companies from over 40 countries

Conference programme: 4 plenary sessions, 16 presentations; roundtable discussion

Conference new feature: Individual negotiations with ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih representatives in the conference offices

Key factors and trends of 2008 season that have been discussed at the conference:

  • High demand for steel and the rapid steel price growth; forecast price stabilization in mid 2008
  • Steel supply shortage in the world markets; key reason cutting of Chinese deliveries


Special project:

Information support:

  • Main regions of growing steel demand (semis & rolled steel): Middle East, CIS, India, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe
  • Introduction of new assets for semi-finished and rolled steel production in the main regions of growing demand: quick market reaction is not expected
  • Increasing volumes of the global steel and steelmaking raw materials trade and the inability of transport infrastructure to satisfy steel market demand; forecast increasing of freight rates

Most debatable point: in 2008 considerable correction of steel and steelmaking raw materials prices should not be expected, most probable scenario seems to be the stabilization of prices for the summer period with the further price growth in the autumn


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