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II international conference World Steel Semis Market 2009, 12-13 October, Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey


World Steel Semis Market 2009: facts, events, summary

The 2nd international conference devoted to the global steel semis market was held in Istanbul, Turkey on October 12, 13.

The key-questions discussed at the conference:

World steel semis market and factors determining it;
Prospects of the finished products markets recovery in 2010-2011;
After-effects of Chinese exporters entering the global market of finished products;
Estimation of semis and finished products balance in 2010;
Forecast of raw materials markets state and estimation of semis production cost.


Special projects:

These were covered in 16 presentations made by well-known market players and consultancy companies including Colakoglu, Mobarakeh Steel, Dillinger Hutte, Metal Expert, Ege Celik, McKinsey, Stemcor, Nursan Dis Ticaret, MIDHCO, Promeks Steel, Turkish Iron & Steel Producers Association, MySteel, Siderweb, Metal Expert Freight.

During the conference major part of market participants came to the conclusion that prices at the global markets of semis and finished products would continue decreasing. This tendency will be mainly caused by disbalance in the global market of finished products. The minimum level of semis prices will be determined by the price offered by suppliers with the lowest production cost exporters from CIS.

Market recovery is expected for March-May 2010, when traders will be supplying the exhausted stocks , but afterwards prices will go down again. According to the conference participants estimations the full market recovery will take at least 2-3 years. Market players expect markets of India, China, SEA, Iran and Turkey to recover in the most dynamic way.

Roundtable discussion which took place in the first day of the conference, became a key-point of the event. It was devoted to the main trends affecting steel semis market in 2010, and such of them as raw materials prices, overproduction, especially in the segment of long products and Chinas place in the global steel market sparked lively discussion.

Besides giving market insight, the conference offered vast opportunities for networking and sharing opinions among major suppliers, semis consumers, trading companies as well as shipping companies, representatives of specialized media and consultancy companies. About 100 companies from 27 countries of the world, including ArcelorMittal International, Habas, DEMZ, Izmir Demir Celik, Ezz Steel, Gerdau, Khouzestan Steel, Mechel, Metinvest Group, OMK, Qatar Steel Company, U.S. Steel Kosice, Universal Rolling Mill participated in the discussion.

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