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II International Conference Metal Expert's European Bulk Ferroalloys, 27-28th of May 2013, Vienna, Austria, Radisson Blu Palais Hotel


II International European Bulk Ferroalloys Conference, organized by Business-Forum & Metal Expert took place on May, 27-28 in Radisson Blu Palais Hotel, Vienna, Austria. The event has gathered participants from the major supplying and consuming countries of Europe and beyond: Germany, France, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, India, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine. Carrying on the success of the last years event, conference strengthened its significance and uniqueness for the industry.


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Special project
  • European economy in 2013-2014: Finding the way for stability in steel industry against the hostile financial environment
  • Global Mn ore market and its impact on the EU Mn alloys demand and supply
  • Key local Mn alloys suppliers. Ways to strengthen its position in the European market
  • Special discussion: "CIS market"
  • Strategies of the European FeSi producers. Output reduction as the measure to control demand and supply balance
  • Consolidation of European stainless steel industry.
  • World chrome overview: latest developments

    The topics mentioned above were disclosed in speeches presented by top-notch representatives from the worlds largest companies such as:

    Dr. Keven Harlow - International Manganese Institute, Timo Kurtti - Outokumpu Chrome, Bernhard Esser - HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt, Benedikt Sobotka - Bryanston Resources, Dr. Alexey Mojarov UNCTAD, Aloys d'Harambure - International Chromium Development Association (ICDA), Vladislav Pomazanskiy, Alexandr Andreev, Denis Kozlov, Artem Sehen, Darya Malyutina Metal Expert, etc.

    The final chord of the conference was given by the captivating discussion on the chromium alloys market. The following questions were revealed: profitability of HC FeCr production in Europe amid tough competition with foreign suppliers; expansion of production volume by domestic companies and its impact on European market balance; impact of new capacities implementation in the Middle East (particularly in Oman) on supplies structure and European market balance.

    Being both an analytical and trading platform, the event for the second year in a row allows providers and consumers to find new ferroalloy market prospects. It should be noted that the conference provided an opportunity for participants to discuss the key issues of global ferroalloys industry and find solutions to the most topical problems in 2013-2014.

    For more details regarding conference program, please contact:

    Artem Risuhin
    Project Manager
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    Nataliia Shevchuk
    Project Manager
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    If you want to purchase conference materials, please contact:

    Sergey Sushko
    Sales Manager
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