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V conference CIS Metallurgical Raw Materials Markets, 14-16 October, Alushta, Crimea


CIS Metallurgical raw materials markets 2009: facts, events, outcomes

On October, 16 the V annual conference CIS Metallurgical raw materials markets 2009, annually organized by Business-forum company, Metal-courier information agency and Metal-expert analytical group, was completed.

140 participants from a 101 company took part in the conference.

Leading branch companies presented 24 speeches on 6 plenary sessions.
Estimating current raw material markets situation, the conference participants consider that prices on October are the peak ones, and till the end of the year quotations will be saved at current level or slowly go down. Falling of demand on end products will result in gradual balance renewal in segments, where there is a deficit at the present time, and also will create favorable situation for price decrease in the first quarter.
Another question for a discussion was a situation at the China market, because it influences further prospects of CIS producers. Rates of demand renewal on the Russian and Ukrainian products, and also export market activity straight will depend on the policy of China.
The participants of conference met in opinion, that a winter slump will be smoother, than last year, and by the end of the first quarter a price advance will begin on all raw material markets.

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