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II annual conference CIS Rolling Stock Market, November 11, 2011, Moscow, Russia




High demand for freight cars in 2011 stipulated favorable conditions on CIS railway rolling stock market. Also prices for new cars are increasing that has made consumers to find additional financial sources. At the same time a deterrent factor for producers is the deficit of car casting.
Considering that car life of the majority of cars are expired, fleet owners should decide either write off or provide capital repair of the fleet with the prolongation of the term of use.
When will market balance be reached? How to manage the increasing fleet efficiently? Will the launch of new production capacity solve the problem of car casting deficit? What is the best way to extend the term of use? What are the most profitable financial instruments for fleet renewal?

  • Production and consumption of rolling stock
  • Freight transportation in the main types of cars
  • Roundhouse servicing and capital repairs of the car fleet
  • Parts for rolling stock: solid-rolled wheels, casting production, metal-rolled products
  • Financing of the rail car building sector: leasing of the car fleet
  • Insurance of railway cargo transportation

New! Repair and modernization of car fleet

Session 1 Production and consumption of rolling stock
  • Outlook for freight car production and writing off volumes
  • Pricing factors on railway rolling stock market
  • Sale of Freight One company and its influence on railway transportation market

Session 2 Freight transportation in the main types of cars
  • Railway transportation in the gondola cars
  • Tanker cargo transportation on the rail
  • Transportation in hopper cars

Session 3 Repair and operation of the fleet
  • Increasing fleets management
  • Establishment of VRK-1, VRK-2, VRK-3 and its influence on car repair brunch
  • Fleet modernization and extension of the term of use
  • Activity of private car repair works

Session 4 Parts for car building brunch
  • Reasons for car casting deficit
  • Car building brunchs needs in solid rolled wheels
  • Steel sheets consumption by the car building works
  • Aspects of operation of new types of bearings
  • Special coatings for steel

Session 5 Financing of the rail car building sector
  • Financial leasing as instrument of fleet renewal
  • Lease of freight cars
  • Insurance of railway cargo transportation

Round table Demand and Prices for Freight Cars

Freight car manufacturers and repair works, State Administration of Railways of the CIS, railway operators, manufacturers of railway steel castings, manufacturers of solid rolled wheels, consulting companies involved in the monitoring of car-building industry, financial institutions: investment banks / funds / leasing companies.

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Steel Events Director
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Roman Volodarsky
Project Manager
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Sales Manager
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